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Production of the blanks for optical and electronic applications - PB


   Germanium blanks are manufactured in Moscow and Novomoskovsk production sites, equipped with up-to-date high-precision machines.  Blanks are both plano blanks of various forms (for substrates, windows etc.) and generated blanks (for lenses).
There are also produced plane blanks from Zinc Selenide and other non-Germanium materials.

   Supposedly all production of the blanks will be transferred to Novomoskovsk and at the same time technical possibilities of that production will be enhanced to ensure the manufacture of more complicated and valuable products:
   - articles (plane blanks) of complicated profile and better quality of the surface (fine ground);
   - lenses with aspherical surface.

   Also it is planned to widen the range of dimensions of the articles:
   - from 200 mm to 350 mm for plane articles;
   - from 20–200 mm to 10–300 mm for generated blanks.
   For more full and quick servicing of foreign customers it is planned to organize production of final products for IR optics abroad by way of cooperation or acquisition of active foreign production company.

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