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Production of Germanium concentrate

   At present time technology of burning of the coal in hot-water boilers is used in production. Heat power is commercial by-product.

   Poor concentrate (ash with Germanium content 0.3 – 2.5%) can be processed (beneficiated) on production capacities of our strategic partners:
   – by electro fusion, producing enriched concentrate (up to 10%) – in  Mednogorsk Copper-Sulphur Works;
   - by acid leaching to technical Germanium tetrachloride, with subsequent further processing – in Krasnoyarsk FSUE “Germanium” (only rich fractions), in Chinese plants, in Severodonetsk Chemical-Metallurgic Works  of Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works (Ukraine).

   At present time our production is reconstructed. Reconstruction will give us possibility to enrich the poor concentrate up to ~10% by electro fusion on site. Besides, cyclone smelting units will enable to process not only coal, but also associated aleurolites.   It is supposed that produced in the process electric power will be in part used for the needs of electro fusion process and in part will be sold to the neighbor production companies.

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