Company Profile


  Company works on the market of materials and chemical products, used in high-technology applications in optics, electronics, chemistry, aerospace equipment, in telecommunications and solar power engineering. Being the biggest Russian producer and exporter of Germanium blanks for optics and electronics, company is one of the leading world producers of Germanium.

Production structure and main services

  Company’s marketing service has its representatives in USA and UK. Company is participant of specialized international exhibitions. Its trademark is presented in Europe, North America and Asia.

   Automated system of customers servicing including organization of sales via Internet is available. 

   Qualified specialists of logistic department ensure safe and timely transportation of raw materials, Germanium concentrates and ready products between subdivisions of the company and its subcontractors in different parts of Russia, as well as export of production.   Export products are shipped from Moscow and Novomoskovsk (Tula oblast) by railway, truck and air transport.

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